Bring your home or business to life

A properly executed structured wiring system is the backbone that brings your smart home to life. All the technology in your home is dependent upon a quality structured wiring system.

Quality, speed, reliability

A quality structured wiring system enables your smart home to have:

  • Blazing internet speeds
  • Secure, hardwired ethernet connection
  • Network reliability and security
  • A new working, playing, and interactive system
  • Configurability to innovate

At Sight, Sound, & Security, we tailor each structured wiring system exactly to your needs and budget.

The structured wire panel is the hub that brings all of the individual wall plates for your television, internet, phone, and gaming together. A wire bundle from the panel to the home’s exterior allows the signal provider to connect to your home. Quality, speed, and reliability can only be achieved with superior wiring and installation tailored to your needs.