Safety, comfort, innovation – all at the tips of your fingers

Control your home’s lighting, climate, security, entertainment, and more with a smart home control system. Let our experts build an innovative, affordable, and foolproof system that matches your lifestyle and meets your needs.


  • Control any light in your home, wherever you are.
  • Save energy by having your system turn lights off in empty rooms.
  • Create a lighting schedule to increase the safety of your home while you are away.

Climate and Energy

  • Remotely adjust an interactive thermostat from your smartphone to create the perfect living environment.
  • Receive notifications on your smartphone in the event of extreme temperatures, water leaks, or smoke/CO2 alarms.
  • Save money by setting a schedule for cooling and heating.

Security Systems

  • Close the shades, turn the lights on, lock the door, and set the alarm — all on your smartphone!
  • View your home or business’s security cameras anytime, anywhere.


  • Play music from your personal library or streaming service.
  • Isolate select rooms to ensure everyone enjoys their entertainment experience.