Whether you are traveling to these cities, or happen to live in these cities, safety and security starts with awareness.

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Safest and Most Dangerous Cities in America

Moving is no small decision, and many different factors come into play when considering a new location. Cities are only growing as residents flock towards jobs, other people, social scenes, and plenty of other attractions that cities hold. For someone who doesn’t know a whole lot about a new city though, it can be a daunting task, and if not researched properly, moving can mean a bad experience in a wonderful city. Here are some tips and ideas to get started on making sure the place in question is good or bad.

According to the FBI, the following cities are the safest in the U.S in 2017:

  • Oak Ridge, TN
  • Shoreview, MN
  • Ridgefield, CT
  • Franklin, MA
  • Zionsville, IN
  • Bergenfield, NJ
  • Lake in the Hills, IL
  • Lexington, MA
  • Bartlett, IL
  • Reading, MA

These are the most dangerous:

  • East St. Louis, IL
  • Monroe, LA
  • Alexandria, LA
  • Camden, NJ
  • Wilmington, DE
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Bessemer, AL
  • Detroit, MI
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Memphis, TN


These lists don’t necessarily tell the full story though. Just because the city of St. Louis is listed as one of the most dangerous cities, it doesn’t mean that the exact place you might live is in danger. The statistics are only for downtown areas, whereas the majority of most residential area is suburbs, and other areas are some of the safest places to live. That being said, always make sure to research more than just the entire city in question. Look deeper at the specific part of a city you might live in.

There are many tools online that can help you get a better sense for how safe a neighborhood or city is. These tools give different information, and can help you sort through factors important to you. Some tools we recommend are AreaVibes, Neighborhood Scout, and Family Watchdog. Use these tools to look at specific places and get a sense for them from real residents and people who live there. Always do research and make sure to see deeper than the surface of wherever you might be planning on moving.

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